With the new year approaching, now is the perfect time to make a resolution to set your help your budget. Check out our five free tools from to help you optimize your budget in the coming year. 

1| Lower Your Credit Card Payoff Date with our Credit Card Down Payment Calculator

Initiating the year by settling your credit card balance may not be the simplest task, yet it's the initial stride towards enhancing your financial well-being. Even a card boasting a low-interest rate can swiftly accumulate debt. 

Check out the Credit Card Pay Down. It lets you compare and contrast proven credit card payoff strategies to find the fastest and most efficient ways to pay off your credit card. 

2| Create a Budget With Ease using the Budgeting Tool

Set up your budget to establish goals, plan for expenses, and keep your finances on track. The Budgeting Tool saves a personal record of your budget status, allowing you to revisit and make adjustments anytime

3| Use Student Loan Snapshot to get a Picture of your Payments

Whether you're navigating the return of monthly federal student loan payments or assisting someone in managing their loans, the Student Loan Snapshot tool offers clarity. Get a comprehensive view of your student loans, understand your outstanding balance, and identify the repayment plan that suits you best.

4| Make the Most Digital Banking

Maximize the potential of Digital Banking with its full suite of features. Streamline your financial organization by categorizing transactions from all your accounts, even those outside First Commonwealth. Keep track of and manage your subscriptions effortlessly in one centralized location. Leverage powerful financial tools to gain a comprehensive view of all your accounts, including external ones. Explore insights into your income, debt, and spending patterns, and utilize budgeting aids to propel yourself toward your financial goals.

5| Learn to Understand Your Habits With the Money Personality Tool

Still having a hard time understanding your own personal spending habits and budgeting techniques? Consider taking the Money Personality assessment to help you better understand your money decisions. Managing your finances is more than just money in the bank. It involves setting goals, evaluating choices, and high stakes. Like most things in life, your unique personality and behaviors are an important piece.