Business Adaptability

    2020-09-08 | Business

    Over the last several months, businesses have been confronted with unprecedented challenges – and it’s quickly becoming clear that the key to surviving in a changing world is the ability to adapt. Read our tips on how you can become a more adaptable business.


    Keeping Your Business Protected from Scams

    2020-04-20 | Business

    Scammers can be tricky, but the best defense is making sure your company and you understand the risks and what to do in these situations.


    Start Your Business Tax Planning Now

    2020-02-18 | Business

    Planning can help you this year


    Social Networking for Small Businesses

    2020-02-10 | Business

    Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can have a tremendous impact in helping small businesses reach potential customers.


    2019-12-27 | Business

    As your business grows and becomes more advanced, so does the potential for something to go wrong with it. Whether the threat stems from weather, an accidental system malfunction or a targeted attack by criminals, it’s important to ask yourself: If a disaster was to strike my business, would I be ready?


    To Expand or not to Expand? Four Factors to Consider

    2019-04-03 | Business

    Think long and hard about what expansion would mean for you, your team and your profits. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision:


    Get in Gear for the New Year

    2019-01-03 | Business

    Keeping your business running smoothly requires periodic monitoring, adjusting, tweaking and planning.


    Prepare Your Business for Next Tax Season

    2018-06-24 | Business

    This is a good time to take a general assessment of your business and make sure you’re aligned with your short-term and long-term goals. This is also a great time to start new habits that will make next tax season less stressful.


    Starting Your Own Business? Let Us Help!

    2017-12-15 | Business

    The key to starting a successful business is careful planning.


    Financing Your Business - Buying vs. Leasing

    2017-03-08 | Business

    For many business owners, equipment financing is a constant business consideration. You have a few different options, but in the end it boils down to the option of leasing versus purchasing.


    Preparing for the Future of Your Business

    2017-02-08 | Business

    Many business owners think they can simply sell their business when they decide it’s time to retire.  Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it might seem. Learn how to begin succession planning.


    Considerations for Business Loan Consolidation

    2017-01-13 | Business

    Business debt consolidation can be confusing. If you have questions, contact a First Commonwealth Business Services Officer.


    The Basics of a Business Plan

    2016-12-09 | Business

    A well-written business plan can measure your results easily against your plans and projections and help you make the needed adjustments to ensure growth going forward.


    Why Choose a Credit Union for Your Small Business

    2016-11-03 | Business

    With so many changes in banking due to mergers and acquisitions, now may be a good time to review your financial relationships in your business. We hear often, what is the difference between a bank and a credit union and how does that benefit my business?


    Protecting Your Business from Fraud

    2016-09-19 | Business

    Don't allow your business to become defrauded. Take the following precautionary steps to prevent fraud and save your company's reputation and money.


    How Does EMV Affect Your Business?

    2016-08-22 | Business

    Find out what you need to know about EMV and how it affect your business.


    Five Items to Consider for Your Business's Midyear Review

    2016-07-07 | Business

    Contact First Commonwealth's Business Services department today to receive a free midyear review for your company.   


    What to Know Before Financing a Business Vehicle

    2016-06-06 | Business

    First Commonwealth offers commercial vehicle financing for all types of vehicles with competitive rates and terms.


    Relax and Watch Your Cash Flow

    2016-05-04 | Business

    Our online banking has given business members more freedom to bank on their own schedules, making it a little easier to find time to manage cash flow.


    Why Is Small Business So Important?

    2016-04-06 | Business

    First Commonwealth is focused on helping small businesses by providing solutions that fit your company and help you succeed. 


    Local Businesses Are Expanding

    2016-03-10 | Business

    If your business is looking to grow and expand; whether it’s for new equipment, a new location, renovations or a new vehicle; contact First Commonwealth Business Services .


    Applying for a Business Loan?

    2016-01-07 | Business

    Learn why you need to understand the 5C's of business credit when applying for a loan.


    Business Loans, Lines of Credit or Credit Cards

    2015-12-01 | Business

    Our Business Services department can help you decide which one is best for your business.


    Technology in Banking

    2015-11-03 | Business

    Technology leads to ever changing ways of doing banking.


    Five of the Most Important Relationships a Small Business Owner Should Develop

    2015-10-07 | Business

    Having the right mix of advisors can help in the success of your business. 


    Small Business Spotlight: Zanette's Nazareth Grille

    2015-08-05 | Business

    Mike Zanette is proud to recommend First Commonwealth FCU and Business Services to people he knows.