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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

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Avoid Costly Financial Missteps

Our free Financial Wellness platform can help.

Empower yourself to make the best financial decisions and develop a healthy relationship with money. Join our ad-free, free-of-charge financial education program and discover the benefits it offers as you strive to achieve your financial objectives. Enroll now to access articles, coursestopics, videos, and webinars.

Meet with a Counselor

Talking about your finances can be tough, that's why First Commonwealth has 50 certified credit union financial counselors ready to help with your finances. There are counselors at each of our 12 locations, and they will help you discover areas of your budget that could save you money and lower your debt.

Meet with a Financial Counselor

Debt Solutions

Admitting you need help can be hard. Through our partnership, members who contacts GreenPath will receive a complimentary financial counseling session. Gain access to services such as debt management, financial counseling, and much more.

Meet with GreenPath

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