Kids & Teens

It’s Never Too Early to Learn Smart Money Management

Teach your children how to save and manage money responsibly with our youth savings programs. At First Commonwealth, we’re on a mission to transform today’s  youngsters into tomorrow’s dollar scholars. That’s why we offer programs exclusively for kids and young adults! Designed to promote lifelong savings habits and to help members learn basic money skills, our youth programs are the key to long-term financial success. We’ll even make the first $5 deposit for you when you open an account for your child!

If you are interested in opening an account for your child, schedule an appointment at one of our financial centers to ensure there will be an associate available to meet with you at your chosen time.

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Membership Benefits

Benefits of a youth membership include:

  • Initial Deposit. First Commonwealth will make the first deposit of $5.
  • Savings Passbook. Record your deposits, interest and withdrawals.
  • Report Card Rewards. Earn up to $5 per year for achieving good grades in school. Bring your final report card to a branch at the end of each school year, and we’ll give you $1 for every “A” or equivalent, up to $5.

Age 12 and Under

  • Stamp Cards.* Every time you make an in-person deposit of $5 or more, you’ll earn a stamp. Collect stamps and redeem them for cash deposits to help you reach your savings goals quicker.
  • Birthday Cards.* Receive a birthday card designed by a fellow club member during our yearly contest. Bring it in to a financial center to receive an extra stamp. Redeem for extra incentives on your 5th, 9th, 10th and 13th birthdays.

*Ages 0-12 only. Redemption of stamps is limited to 40/year ($10).



Student Scholarships

Applications for the 2023 scholarships are now open! The winners will receive $1,500*. Applications will be accepted through January 31, 2023

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*Click "Learn More" for application requirements. 

Biz Kid$

Biz Kid$

First Commonwealth locally underwrites this TV show on PBS-WLVT 39, which was created and produced by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Biz Kid$ teaches kids how to make and manage money by introducing concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. 

Show Time:
Sunday mornings at 10 am on PBS-WLVT 39.

The Biz Kid$ website is a great website and includes many financial resources.

Biz Kid$

Financial Reality Fair

Financial Reality Fair For Students

First Commonwealth is a member of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of Credit Unions.  Annually, our chapter helps hundreds of Lehigh Valley high school students get a "reality check."

The Reality Fair allows students to experience how challenging it is to live within a monthly budget.  They are given a salary according to their career choice and fill out a budget sheet, which requires them to pay for basics such as housing, utilities including cell phone and cable, transportation, clothing and food.  Additional expenditures can include entertainment, travel and pet ownership.  There are financial counselors who help the students assess their financial budget.  This experience helps the students make better choices that enable them to live within their budget. Check out the video below for highlights from our Reality Fair.

Student Budgeting Workshop

Student Budgeting Workshop

Every spring we offer multiple dates and locations for this workshop. 

High school students (ages 15-18) are encouraged to participate.  This is an interactive workshop called Mad City Money, where teens experience real-life financial situations.

Each student will receive an "about me" sheet that contains an occupation and salary, student loan debt owed, credit card debt owed and cost of medical insurance.  Some participants will have a spouse, and some will be single; all will be parents.

Students build a monthly budget based on their income. They select housing, transportation, food, day care and other needs.  Just as in real life, students have unexpected windfalls and unplanned expenses.