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Buying a Home?

At First Commonwealth, we understand that buying or refinancing a home is a major financial decision. Whether you’re searching for that perfect starter home, a house your family can grow into or the idyllic retirement retreat, First Commonwealth is here to help from start to finish. We offer low origination fees and a variety of loan options including conventional, adjustable rate, and first-time home-buying mortgage options.

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First Front Door

Closed for 2020. No longer accept any applications.

First Front Door (FFD)

Get up to $5,000 in cash for the down payment and closing costs through FFD, a first-time home-buyer grant program funded by FHLBank Pittsburgh. If you qualify,* we will match your contribution 3-to-1. For every $1 you contribute, you can receive $3 in grant assistance, up to a maximum of $5,000.

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First Front Door funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Restrictions may apply.

Home Ready Mortgage

Home Ready Mortgage

A HomeReady® mortgage is a great option for first-time home buyers and other borrowers who may not qualify for traditional financing.

  • Down payment as low as 3%
  • Flexible sources of funds
  • Homeownership education required via an easy-to-use online format
  • Income eligibility requirements apply*


FHA Mortgage Loans*

With greater flexibility than ever before, FHA is making homeownership happen. FHA-insured home loans are available to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit - even after bankruptcy, you can be considered after two years of discharge and once good credit has been established. Interest rates tend to be lower than conventional mortgage rates.

Construction Loans

Construction Loans

Looking to build the home of your dreams? Construction loans offer you the flexibilty you need.

VA Loans

Veterans Affairs Loans

Military members may be eligible for a VA loan, which provides affordable, government-backed mortgage financing with unique benefits including no down payment (100% financing) or PMI.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Ideal for growing or military families and people who relocate frequently or are not planning to stay in their home for an extended period of time.

Jumbo Mortgages

Jumbo Mortgage

For higher borrowing needs we offer adjustable-rate jumbo mortgages with fixed initial rate up to 10 years.

commercial mortgage loans

Business Real-Estate

We have mortgage options for commercial property purchase, residential rental properties/investment properties as well as refinance options.

contact mortgages

Contact Us

Our Mortgage Origination Specialists will discuss all of the home-buying options available to you.

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home buying

Home-Buying Seminar

For many people, owning a home is a major part of the American Dream. It is also a big responsibility - for many years to come. Buying a home is the largest purchase most people will ever make. So, where do you start? Find out more by attending this seminar.

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Are you a Realtor?

If so, this lunch and learn will give you an overview of the many unique mortgage options First Commonwealth has to offer your clients. A light lunch will be provided.

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man on computer and phone housing counseling

Housing Counseling Services

Are you behind on your rent or mortgage? Do you plan to buy a home soon? Are you considering taking out a reverse mortgage loan or home equity loan? Get expert advice and resources from our partner, GreenPath.

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*We will review qualifications and other program requirements with you.

Table data for Mortgage - Fixed Rate
Term Points Rate (as low as) APR1 Alert Me
10 Years 0 2.875% 3.041% Receive a notification when this rate changes
2 2.125% 2.711% Receive a notification when this rate changes
15 Years 0 2.875% 2.989% Receive a notification when this rate changes
2 2.125% 2.524% Receive a notification when this rate changes
20 Years 0 3.125% 3.213% Receive a notification when this rate changes
2 2.375% 2.683% Receive a notification when this rate changes
30 Years 0 3.250% 3.313% Receive a notification when this rate changes
2 2.500% 2.716% Receive a notification when this rate changes
NMLS 595144
  • 1All APR calculations for fixed and adjustable mortgage rates are based on $100,000 loan amount with 20%, 30 days of interest, and applicable repaid charges.
Table data for Mortgage - Adjustable Rate
Term1 Points Rate (as low as) APR Alert Me
1/1 Adjustable 0 3.250% 3.313%
3/1 Adjustable 0 2.500% 2.560%
5/1 Adjustable 0 2.500% 2.560%
7/1 Adjustable 0 2.500% 2.560%
10/1 Adjustable 0 2.500% 2.560%
NMLS 59514
  • 1Maximum term is 30 years.
Table data for Mortgage - FHA Rate
Term Points Rate (as low as) APR Alert Me
30 years 0 3.000% 3.130%
APR calculations for FHA rates are based on a $75,000 loan amount, and applicable prepaid charges. Please contact the mortgage department for down payment requirements - 610.997.6390. NMLS 595144
Table data for Mortgage - JUMBO Adjustable Rate
Term Points Rate (as low as) APR (as low as)1 Alert Me
1/1 Adjustable 0 3.500% 3.512%
3/1 Adjustable 0 2.750% 2.762%
5/1 Adjustable 0 2.750% 2.762%
7/1 Adjustable 0 2.750% 2.762%
10/1 Adjustable 0 2.750% 2.762%
Loan Amounts from $453,100 up to $750,000. Margin is based on credit score. Terms up to 360 months. Please contact the Mortgage Department for down payment requirements at 610.997.6390. NMLS 59514
  • 1APR denotes Annual Percentage Rate