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Digital Banking with cash management* offers a complete solution to help your business manage its finances quickly and easily. Save time in your busy schedule with automated account features. You'll experience convenient one-stop access, greater control, and flexibility.

With Cash Management from First Commonwealth, you can optimize the time between paying your suppliers and employees, and the time you have to collect from your customers.

Digital Banking with Cash Management online banking services include:

  • Security: Digital Banking is complete with security features and firewalls to protect your company's accounts. Each employee has his/her own individual login, which allows the business to control employee access.
  • Direct Payments & Collections (ACH): Electronically collect payments (credit entry) from your customers by directly debiting their checking or saving accounts. Or make payments (debit entry) to your vendors, employees, or customers (bills, payroll, etc). It’s less costly than processing checks and credit cards, and you’ll receive the payments quicker and more reliably, saving time and money on payroll and accounts payable.
  • Wire Transfer: Send funds domestically to accounts at different financial institutions.
  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC): Conveniently deposit multiple checks from your home or office by using a supported high-speed high-volume scanner. RDC adds convenience and time savings - you won't have to come into a financial center to make your check deposits. You choose whether you have one employee or multiple employees enabled to make deposits for your business. With RDC, you'll have detailed reporting capability.
  • Business Bill Pay: Make payments from your business account. Schedule payments in advance, even for recurring expenses like rent, leases, and payroll.
  • Supervisor Functions: Grant specific access rights to different employees or groups.
  • Export files to your financial software: Quicken, Quickbooks, .csv
  • Receive account and security alerts.
  • View check images and monthly statements.
  • Send and receive secure messages.


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