Online Cash Management

Optimize Your Cash Flow

HomeLink Business online banking offers a complete solution to help your business manage its finances quickly and easily. Save time in your busy schedule with automated account features. You'll experience convenient one-stop access, greater control and flexibility.

With HomeLink Business from First Commonwealth, you can help minimize the lag between the time you have to pay your suppliers and employees and the time you have to collect from your customers.

We make it easy to manage your business accounts with online banking and its cash management tools.

Bill Pay

e-Payer is our online bill pay service that saves you time and money.

From your e-Payer dashboard you'll be able to:

  • Pay bills online - schedule payments or pay immediately
  • Set up recurring payments for bills that are the same each month
  • Make a payment to any person or company in one click
  • View all payees, upcoming bills, payment history and account balances
  • Set up e-Lerts for payment reminders and receive them via email or text
  • Set up e-Bills for companies that allow this service (you must have on-line access to your account)

Please note: You must first enroll in HomeLink in order to enroll in e-Payer.

View the step-by-step demo

ACH & Wires

Direct Payment & Collections (ACH)

Electronically collect payments (credit entry) from your customers by directly debiting their checking or saving accounts. Or make payments (debit entry) to your vendors, employees or customers (bills, payroll, etc). It’s less costly than processing checks and credit cards, and you’ll receive the payments quicker and more reliably, saving time and money on payroll and accounts payable.

You also have the ability to wire transfer funds domestically to accounts at different financial institutions.  Single or recurring wire transfers are easy to set up through HomeLink Business. 

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Conveniently deposit multiple checks from your home or office by using a supported high-speed high volume scanner. RDC adds convenience and time savings to your deposit process as you won't have to come into a financial center to make your deposits.  You choose whether you have one employee or multiple employees enabled to make deposits for your business.  With RDC, you'll have detailed reporting capability.   It's an affordable solution that gives you a direct line to your First Commonwealth business account.

Use Quicken/Quickbooks

Quicken Users

When connecting via Quicken, choose "First Commonwealth FCU Web".

If you are a Windows user, please note that only Quicken 2011-2014 versions are supported. If you have an earlier version, you'll need to upgrade to a newer one.


Quicken 2010-2012 for Windows

Quicken 2014 for Windows


Quicken Essentials for Mac

Quicken 2006 for Mac

Quicken 2007 for Mac

FREE Quicken Online Support 

Follow the prompts to access Chat (24/7) and Email, or to obtain the Quicken support phone number (available Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 8 PM Eastern time).

QuickBooks Users

To use QuickBooks in conjunction with HomeLink, you will need to create download files within HomeLink and import them into the QuickBooks software.

  • From the MyHomeLink page, use the Downloads section in the upper-left-hand corner
  • When in transaction history, click the Download option from the menu bar.

QuickBooks Online Support 

You can also call 1.888.859.4056 to talk to a QuickBooks Support Representative (charges may apply).

Other useful links:

Intuit Community Forums

Find a QuickBooks Expert in your area


  •  HomeLink Business is complete with security features and firewalls to protect your company's accounts. Each employee has his/her own individual login, which allows the business to control employee access. Online business banking requires an Internet browser with 128-bit encryption.
  • Supervisor Functions - Grant specific access rights to different employees or groups.
  • Receive account and security alerts.
  • View check images and monthly statements. 
  • Send and receive secure messages.


Business Fees

  •  06-23-2017
Fee Amount Alert Me
Account Activity Printout $5
Account Balancing Assistance - Per Hour $20
Account Research - Per Hour $20
ACH Origination per agreement
Bill Payer Research - Per Item $18
Cashiers Check $7
Check Printing (fee depends on check style ordered) Market
Collection Item (outgoing) $100
Copy of Check (up to 12 months) $3
Copy of Check (older than 12 months) $5
Deposited Checks & Other Items Returned Unpaid $15
Disposable Night Depository Per Bag Fee (minimum quantity - 50 count) $0.50
Dormant Account Monthly Fee $5
Early Account Closure (within 90 days of opening) $20
HomeLink Business with e-Payer Business $10/month
HomeLink Business with e-Payer Business and 1 module1 $25/month
HomeLink Business with e-Payer Business and 2 modules1 $40/month
HomeLink Business with e-Payer Business and 3 modules1 $55/month
Escheatment Processing $50
Excessive ATM PIN Based Debits $1
Failing to Update Your Address $5
IRS Levy/Garnishm up to $250
Locator Service $10
Mailing a Certificate Dividend Check $2
Minimum Balance Fee (Advantage I, minimum balance $1,000) $12.50
Minimum Balance Fee (Advantage II, minimum balance $2,500) $20
Money Order $4
Night Depository FREE
Non-Sufficient Funds & Other Returned Items (each) $33
Per Cleared Item Fee $0.15
Per Deposited Item Fee $0.25
RDC Multi-Check Scanner at cost
Replacing a Plastic Card $10
Rolled Coin (Processed) Fee - Substantial Quantity $10
Rolled Coin (Purchased) Fee Per Roll $0.05
Stop Payment for ACH $25
Stop Payment for Check $22
Stop Payment (Series of Checks) $27
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $10
Wire Transfer (Outgoing - Domestic) $25
Wrapped Cash (Purchased) Fee Per Pack $0.10
  • 1Additional modules include ACH, wire transfers and RDC (Remote Deposit Capture).