Loans & Lines of Credit

We offer a full line of commercial loan products to meet your borrowing needs and help your business grow.



Business Loans
Support the unique needs of your business with our:

  • Term Loans: Used to finance the acquisition or modernization of a business’s productive assets, including machinery and equipment, commercial vehicles, etc.
  • Lines of Credit: Ideal for flexible spending, such as seasonal or short-term needs.
  • SBA: Specialized programs designed to finance small businesses.


Visa® Platinum Business Credit Card
Enjoy convenient spending with a credit card that offers you:

  • The ability to keep your personal and business expenses separate
  • The capacity to issue multiple cards under a single account

Real Estate Loans
Purchase or refinance current loans you have for:

  • Commercial Properties
    • Owner occupied
    • Non-owner occupied
    • Office buildings
    • Retail strip centers
    • Warehouses
    • Mixed use
  • Residential Rental Properties
    • Single-Family
    • Multi-Family
    • Apartment Complexes

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