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Improve their financial wellness and improve your company's future. Financial knowledge is power.


Whether your business is big or small, showing your employees how much the company appreciates and values them can go a long way. When they are concerned with their finances, it affects all areas of their life, including their work. When you find ways to help them grow personally and financially, it feels more like a family, not a bunch of numbers at the time clock.

That's why our Certified Financial Wellness Coaches will come to you for on-site lunch-and-learns, and small or large group educational classes and seminars. We’ll cater our session to the specific needs of your employees.

At Work Financial Wellness

We believe healthy profits and growth start with a sensible financial education. In addition to offering financial wellness to your employees, we also offer online and in-person resources for your business. Take advantage of our online Business eCourses or come to one of our in-center Business Seminars, with topics like Developing a Business Plan, Financing Your Small Business, Taxes and Legal Issues for Your Small Business, Building Your Profile on LinkedIn.

At First Commonwealth, we relate to the needs and values of small businesses. If you’d like to switch to banking with a community-focused financial institution, join us.

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