VISA Real Time Fraud Protection

For your protection, credit authorizations are reviewed in "real time" at the point of purchase and compared to your usual spending patterns, as well as known fraud trends, to detect unusual activity. The authorization is submitted for fraud analysis if it seems out of the ordinary. Please be advised that in some instances, while you are at the merchant, valid purchases may be declined if the transactions appear extremely suspicious. You can easily validate the transaction if you did initiate it by calling our Card Services Department and we'll get you back shopping. 

When we decline a transaction or suspect fraud, we will attempt to contact you via an automated voice system. If we cannot reach you to determine if there are any fraudulent transactions, your card may be blocked from further activity until we can discuss the situation with you. Please help us protect you better by informing us if you are going to be traveling to a different state or out of the country. Also, let us know if you have a phone number change -- home or daytime.

For denied transactions or to report a lost or stolen ATM,  VISA  Debit Card, or VISA Credit Card:

  • In the United States, call toll free: 1.855.710.3064
  • Internationally, call collect: 1.303.967.1096

If you are traveling out of town or internationally, contact us.

Ensure your transactions are processed and your credit card isn't blocked. To protect you from fraud, credit cards are flagged if there is suspicious activity such as the card being used in another country. Make sure you have an accurate, up-to-date phone number on file with us.