Halloween is brimming with fun activities such as dressing up, spending time with friends, and going trick-or-treating in your neighborhood. Discover cost-saving tips and skip the yearly costume expenses.

Make Your Own Costume

Get creative and challenge yourself to make a costume using inexpensive supplies and clothing you already own. Don’t have any ideas? Here’s an easy one – a bubble bath costume! Just blow up white balloons in different sizes and ask an adult to pin them to your clothing. For an extra special touch, you can even tape a rubber duck to one of the balloons.

Trade with a Friend

Still thinking about your best friend’s awesome Halloween costume from last year? Ask him or her to do a costume swap! Or, for even more costume choices, ask an entire group of your friends to participate in a costume swap. You may not end up with your first-choice costume, but getting something you hadn’t expected only adds to the fun!

Limit What You Buy

You don’t necessarily need to dress up from head to toe for people to guess what you might be. Instead, be selective in what you purchase. Perhaps you can get by with just a mask, wig, or cape, and then wear clothing you already own. (After all, if the weather is cold on Halloween, you may have to cover your outfit with a coat anyway!)

No matter how you decide to approach your Halloween costume this year, just be sure to remember these two important things — be safe and have fun!