5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill This Holiday Season

Are gifts and goodies eating up your holiday budget?

If so, consider looking for ways you can save in other areas – such as groceries. By incorporating just a few simple tips, you may be able to save yourself a whole lot of dough.


  1. Plan Ahead

    First, take stock of the food items you already have, and check the newspaper or internet for coupons and sales. Then plan your meals around your existing ingredients and discounted items.

  2. Stick To Your List

    It’s hard to ignore those mouthwatering treats that show up during the holiday season, but do your best to resist tossing unnecessary items in your cart. If you have a certain weakness (such as cookies or chips), avoid those aisles altogether.

  3. Forget Brand Loyalty

    Try out generic brands of your favorite products. Also, keep in mind stores often stock their most expensive items at eye level, so search the top and bottom shelves for similar (but usually cheaper) items.
  4. Do It Yourself

    Pre-cut fruit, pre-sliced cheese, and pre-diced veggies sure are convenient, but they also come with higher price tags. If you have the time, purchase the items whole and do the prep work yourself.
  5. Consider a Potluck

    When it comes to your holiday gatherings, don’t be afraid to suggest a potluck-style meal. Perhaps you could cover the main dish, while your guests each bring a side. (It’s more affordable and less work for you, too!)