Mobile Banking

With free HomeLink Mobile Banking, you can easily access your accounts safely and securely from your mobile device - smartphones and tablets.

If you need help getting started with mobile banking, schedule an appointment for a mobile banking demo with one of our knowledgeable associates at our financial center.

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Download HomeLink Mobile Banking Apps on your smartphone and tablet.

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Bill Pay

e-Payer is our free bill pay service.

From e-Payer on our HomeLink Mobile app you will be able to:

  • Pay bills online - schedule payments or pay immediately
  • Make a payment person-to-person (P2P)

Please note: You must first enroll in HomeLink Online on your computer and have a checking account  in order to enroll in e-Payer.

Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA)

Deposit your checks with your smartphone or tablet!

Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) allows you to deposit checks directly into your First Commonwealth accounts by taking a picture of a check using your smartphone or tablet.

Frequently asked questions

*Please note RDA eligibility is based on the following criteria:  First Commonwealth members, who are enrolled in mobile banking, maintain an eligible checking or savings account and have accepted the First Commonwealth HomeLink Mobile & RDA Agreement are eligible. Enrollment is not guaranteed as some restrictions may apply. Business Members: please contact your Relationship Manager for more details.

External Transfers

Move your money from or to an account at another institution.

You must set up external transfers in HomeLink Online to be able to move your money from or to an account at another institution on the HomeLink Mobile app.

All you need to do is enter the routing number and the account number you wish to transfer from or to. You will then follow the instructions to verify the accounts. Once your accounts have been verified, you can make transfers from or to the account(s).*

You must be enrolled for External Transfers. If you do not see the External Transfers menu under the My HomeLink tab, please call our Contact Center at 610.821.2403 to be enrolled.

*Fees maybe associated with this service.

Person-to-Person (P2P)

You can pay a person directly from your smartphone or mobile device as long as you have a checking account and know their name and email address.   

When you login to our HomeLink Mobile app, you will see a P2P button.  You can make a payment in three easy steps:

  1. Click on P2P
  2. Add a payee and payment information
  3. Enter their name and email along with a keyword that will only be known to you and the recipient.  (Your payee will need the word to complete the transaction.)

That's it!  They'll receive your email and will open it .  From there, they'll enter their account information and use the keyword to process the transaction.  No need to carry cash or to forget to pay someone.  Try it today!

P2P on HomeLink Mobile home screen

P2P Set up your information screen

P2P add person to pay screen 3

P2P payment confiirmation

Bank by Text

On the go, in a hurry and need to check your account balance?

Text (SMS) Banking allows you to quickly request and receive balance and transaction information. You can register your device in HomeLink:

  • Settings
  • Mobile Settings
  • Text Mobile Settings

Once you have registered your device, you will use 89549 as the telephone number and a series of commands to request information. You will set up Mobile Short Names for each of the accounts you want to be able to access this way. For example, the command Bal Chk sent to 89549 will return the balances of your account with the Mobile Short Name of Chk. The command Bal will return the balance for all of the accounts you have set up for text banking. 

Below is a list of commands and a description of what they do.

  • Bal=All Acct Bal
  • Bal [Acct Name]=Single Acct Bal
  • Hist=All Accts Recent Activity
  • Hist [Acct Name]=Single Acct Activity
  • Help=Commands
  • Stop=Cancel Text Banking


  • Make sure you password protect your phone to help prevent unauthorized access to your accounts
  • Delete text messages after you send and receive your account information

While First Commonwealth text banking is a free service, standard text messaging/data fees may apply. Check the details of your cell phone plan for more details.

*HomeLink Mobile Banking is a free service. Standard carrier text messaging and data fees may apply.