Fraud Alerts


    Phone Scammers Pose as the IRS and Push People to Pay with iTunes

    2016-05-18 | Fraud Alerts

    Important things to remember if a person calls you stating they are from the IRS.  Protect yourself and avoid becoming a victim.


    Text Message Scam

    2015-12-21 | Fraud Alerts

    Scammers sending texts appearing to come from First Commonwealth.  They are trying to gather card numbers and personal information.  Do not act on these.


    Chip Card Email Scam

    2015-10-20 | Fraud Alerts

    Scammers are trying to lure people who haven't received their new EMV chip cards into disclosing personal information.


    Help Your Parents Avoid Fraud and Scams

    2015-05-06 | Fraud Alerts

    The largest population of victims is senior citizens. I realized how vulnerable my parents and in-laws are to these scams and frauds that are primarily orchestrated on the internet, but also on the phone and by mail.

  • Unlocking the code

    2015-04-25 | Fraud Alerts

    According to the FTC there is a scam for identity thieves to obtain the security code on your credit card.