Direct Deposit Distributions FAQ


Direct Deposit Distributions is a service available with First Commonwealth’s Digital Banking -Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile banking app. It allows you to allocate your Direct Deposit to multiple accounts and loans as soon as your payroll is deposited.



Who Is eligible for Direct Deposit Distribution?

Anyone that has a Direct Deposit posting to their account in the past 30 days can add a Direct Deposit Distribution.

How do I access this feature?

Direct Deposit Distribution Location

Step 1

Access this feature by selecting Direct Deposit Distribution located under Services in the navigation tree located on the left side of the screen.

Direct Deposit Distribution Form

Step 2

Select your payroll transaction from the dropdown. Click the Plus Sign (Add a new direct deposit distribution) to add additional accounts for distribution.

Direct Deposit Distribution Form

Step 3

Select the account or loan to which you want to make the distribution. Enter a percentage or dollar amount.

Distributions will happen in the order in which they are set up. Distributions will continue until funds are exhausted or distribution are complete, whichever comes first. Excess funds will remain in the account to which they are deposited.

How do I set up my payroll for Direct Deposit?

Each employer has their own process for setting up your payroll for Direct Deposit. Reach out to your Human Resources Department. Provide them with your account number and our Routing Number (231379199). Social Security or other governmental direct deposits should be set up using

What are the advantages of using Direct Deposit Distributions instead of a Transfer?

Transfers happen on a scheduled basis, regardless of when your payroll is received. Direct Deposit Distributions will only occur when your payroll is received.

How does this work?

The transfer is tied to your deposit and not to a point in time. It is set up based on the company name of the deposit and will occur when the deposit is recognized by that company name. Once set up the distributions will not occur until the next time the payroll is deposited to the account.

Which accounts can I use?

You can add distribution to any account or loan that you have access to in Digital Banking.

What if the amount of my Direct Deposit changes?

If your distributions are set with percentages, the amount of your distribution will change based on your total deposit. If your distributions are set with specific dollar amounts only those amounts will distribute, and the excess amount left in your account will change.

What if I want the entire amount of my deposit to distribute to another account?

Simply set your distribution account and then choose 100% for the distribution amount.

What if I want to change my distributions?

If you would like to make a change to the distribution amounts, add or delete an account or loan, simply log back into Digital Banking, and select Direct Deposit Distribution from the Service Menu. Select your deposit from the drop-down menu. Your current distributions will display. You will be able to make changes to the distribution amounts, add a new account by selecting the plus sign button or delete an existing row by selecting the trash can symbol. Then click Update Change. 

How long does it take for the change to happen?

New distributions or changes to existing distributions do not occur until the next time the payroll is deposited into your account.

My Direct Deposit Distribution did not work this time, what happened?

Sometimes the information used to send the deposit is changed by the company submitting the payroll. When that occurs, the current distribution will no longer recognize the deposit. A new distribution will need to be set up based on the most recent deposit to your account.


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