Bill Pay FAQs


A checking account is required to utilize bill pay. 

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What is a payee?
A payee is the issuer of a bill that is due to be paid by you.

How do I add a payee?
Clicking “Add payee” at the top of the payments page will walk you through a one-time, step-by-step setup process to gather key information used to send your payments.

What are payee categories?
Categories allow you to group your payees for customized listings, whether you’re scheduling payments, viewing pending transactions, or researching your transaction history. You can manage your categories under my account and assign a payee to a category when adding or editing them.


How do I set up a person-to-person payment?
When adding a payee, choose the “Pay an individual” option. Whether you have their deposit account information or not, there are options readily available to send your payment.

Can I make payments on a holiday or weekend?
No. Holidays and weekends are designated as ineligible for payment processing and will affect the dates available to select when scheduling your payments.

How do check memos work?
Memos are available for use when there is additional information about the payment you need to disclose. (example: adding “apply extra payment to principal” on a mortgage payment)

How do I set up recurring payments?
To set up a recurring payment, click the “make it recurring” link located in the “Action” column of your payee on the payment page. Enter the amount; select the payment from an account and the frequency you want your payments to be automatically scheduled.

Is there a cutoff date for editing or stopping a payment?
Yes. Your ability to edit or stop a payment after 7:30 AM EST on its designated process date will be unavailable while funds for bill payment are being verified. Payments that pass verification are processed and cannot be edited or stopped. Payments that fail verification due to insufficient funds and any FCFCU loans that are not current will be canceled. (Once the item is processed it cannot be canceled. Bill Pay will attempt to process at 8 am and a second time will happen at 3 pm. If it doesn’t process it will be canceled. Debit happens around 8:10 am and/or 3:10 pm.)

How are my payments processed?
Payments may process electronically or by check. Electronic payments will either process through ACH. The goal is to deliver your payment securely, using the fastest method available for your payee.

Will my payment always process the same way?
Not necessarily. If your payee establishes new electronic payment relationships or discontinues them, your payment processing method may be impacted. A check payment may start processing electronically, or vice versa depending on the payee.


What is an eBill?
eBills present due dates and amounts from your billing statement to alert you when it’s time to schedule payments.

How do I set up an eBill?
Your payee must have a website available to view your bill online to be eligible for eBills. If your payee is eligible for eBills in bill pay you will need to provide the credentials to access the bill information for that payee.

How does autopay work?
Autopay will schedule a payment for you when your new eBill arrives based on your preferences.

Pay from Account

Can I add another pay from an account?
A pay from an account can be added by accessing “My account” and clicking the “Add account” link located in the pay from account section.

How do I edit pay from account information?
A pay from an account can be edited by accessing “My account”, clicking the “View account” link, and clicking “Edit” next to the pay from account.


How do I schedule an alert or reminder for myself?
Click “My account” and use the “View alerts” link under the “Notifications” section of the page to set the notifications preferences within your bill pay account. To add a reminder from the payment page, click the payee name and use the “Add reminder” link to have notifications sent to your phone or email when a payment is due.

Why does my dashboard say, “Attention required”?
If there are actions required, the “Attention required” indicator will appear to notify you and provide links to help you resolve the items.

How do I view my personal information?
Under “My account”, click the “View/Edit personal information” link to review or edit your information.

How can I get help with my online bill pay account?
Contact options are available by phone at 866-753-1760 or using our live chat feature Chat Now located at the top right of each page.


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