Consumer Fees

Table data for General Fee Listing
Fee Amount Alert Me
Account Balancing Assistance $20/Hour
Account Research $20/Hour
Account Activity Printout $5/Printout
Automatic Overdraft Transfer to and from Checking or Savings $5/Each
Dormant Savings Account Fee $5/Month if no activity for the prior 12 months.
Early Account Closure Fee $20 if closed within 90 days of opening
Collection Item (Outgoing) $100
Deposited Checks and Other Items Returned Unpaid $15
Failing to Update Address $5
Club Account Withdrawals $10/Withdrawal After 1 per term.
Locator Service $10/Bad Address
Mailing a Certificate Dividend Check $2
Mailing Club Account Check $2.00
Nonsufficient Funds and Other Returned Items $33
Courtesy Pay $33
Stop Payment ACH Fee $25
Stop Payment for Check Fee $22
Stop Payment (Series of Checks) Fee $27
Stop Payment "Bank Checks" Fee $25
Transferring IRA Funds from FCFCU $10
Transferring HSA Funds from FCFCU $10