The new year is here – making it a great time to strengthen your savings and boost your bottom line! Just try out the exercises below, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving financial fitness.  


  1. Get a jump on your holiday budget. Planning now will give you time to build up a nice stash of cash for seasonal spending. (Be sure to ask about our Holiday Club Account!)


  1. Bulk up your emergency fund. Having cash on hand in case of unexpected expenses is a smart financial move.


  1. Step up your savings. If you have several thousand dollars in a savings account, consider earning more with our Certificates or Money Market Accounts!


  1. Scale back on subscriptions. If you aren’t using a service enough to warrant the monthly fee, cancel it.


  1. Flex your financial benefits. If your employer offers to match your 401k contribution when you contribute a certain percentage, accept it. And research other benefits, too.


  1. Power up your money plan. Write down your monthly income and bills, set goals, keep track of miscellaneous costs, and assess periodically to see where you can cut back.


  1. Control your spending. Be aware of where every single dollar goes. Avoid stores where you’ll be tempted to spend.


  1. Exercise your right to negotiate. When starting a job, many people fail to negotiate a high enough salary – which can add up to thousands of lost dollars over a lifetime.


  1. Activate online banking. You’ll enjoy easy access to your money and can also take advantage of the budgeting tools we have available.