woman with tablet

Your mobile phone and tablet may be targeted by cyber thieves to gain access to your apps and your personal information. With every upgrade, there are people trying to find ways around the latest technology. These hackers develop and deploy malicious software known as malware. Malware can deploy on a mobile device when the user “taps” on an advertisement on a website, clicks on a text message from an unknown source, or downloads a fraudulent app.

Take steps to secure your devices, prevent malware and protect your identity.

  1. Set up a strong password for all devices.
  2. Make sure you don’t have passwords or important information like Social Security numbers stored on your mobile devices.
  3. Only install trusted apps from Google Play or the Apple App Store. These stores are more likely to detect malware laden apps and remove them. Before downloading an app, read the reviews and description. Check the developer and review permissions to which the app will be allowed to have access on your devices.
  4. Be wary of public Wi-Fi networks as information you send is not secure and very vulnerable to hacking. Avoid banking on unsecure Wi-Fi networks.
  5. Use security software on all of your mobile devices. Research and download only recommended anti-virus software for your devices. Go to your system store (Apple or Droid) to follow their recommendations.
  6. Install security patches and update your operating system (OS), and apps on all devices. This will remove security holes in your OS.
  7. Don’t open files, click on links or download programs sent from a company or person you don’t know.

At First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union, we employ a security system that safeguards your money. We are equipped with a protected environment that uses a nationally recognized networking architecture. It consists of the highest level of data encryption throughout the transmission to prevent unauthorized access. Also, no member information is stored on the web server that is accessed by the public. First Commonwealth’s member information is safeguarded behind layers of security, which include automatic sign-off, encryption, firewalls, and password lockout.