First Commonwealth scholarship winners

Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients!

Timothy Frey

An avid volunteer, Timothy spent his high school years devoting his time and energy to numerous causes. He raised money for organizations such as Jenn’s House, assisted with the Boyertown YMCA special needs swim team, served as president and vice president of his church’s youth group, helped with Vacation Bible School and more. His pastor, Linda Kozlowski, described the many service initiatives in which she witnessed his involvement, saying, “In all of these situations, Timothy has served with a joyful attitude and a graceful presence.” Recently, Timothy graduated from Fleetwood High School and plans to attend Penn College of Technology to earn an associate degree in diesel technology.

Shane McLaughlin

Shane is dedicated to giving back and helping others, and he proved it throughout his high school years – most notably through his work with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. He also maintained a stellar academic record while working part-time and participating in numerous activities, including being captain of the football team. John Truby, Shane’s football coach, not only had praise for Shane’s work ethic and time management skills, but also noted his maturity – saying that “Shane is courteous, polite, patient, respectful and thoughtful.” Shane graduated from Liberty High School this year and plans to attend Dickinson College to study mathematics and economics. He hopes to eventually become an actuary.

Mikayla Levkulic

Throughout her high school years, Mikayla (who attended Brandywine Heights High School) demonstrated her commitment to helping others in numerous ways. She volunteered repeatedly at the Lyons Fiddle Festival, served as a fifth-grade camp counselor and assisted with her community library’s children’s summer reading program. Her high school librarian, Jennifer Johnson, said, “I would select Mikayla to work with me anytime and on any project because I know she will always give 110%.” Mikayla recently graduated and plans to attend Misericordia University to earn her master’s degree in occupational therapy. She endeavors to one day work with children who have special needs.

Quinn Smith

During both her high school and middle school years, Quinn displayed an unwavering devotion to helping those in need. She co-created the Bread of Life ministry with her grandmother, participated in numerous mission trips and volunteered at Life Church. On top of it all, she remained committed to her studies – maintaining a 4.0 GPA at Commonwealth Charter Academy. Quinn’s school counselor, Mandy Lick, M.S., described Quinn as a “dedicated” individual – noting that she “seeks opportunities to help others on a regular basis” and “frequently volunteers at her church, and within the community.” Quinn graduated this year and plans to attend Cedar Crest College to study social work.

Kristen Batstone

Kristen is passionate about helping the people in her community, and it shows in the many ways she gave back during her high school years. She tutored elementary school children, volunteered as a junior coach for a program called Girls on the Run and helped at her local food pantry. She was also heavily involved in academic activities and served as a co-captain for Model United Nations. Barbara Arroyo, Kristen’s English teacher and debate coach, said, “Kristen continuously impresses me with her brilliance, work ethic, enthusiasm, determination and creativity.” Recently, Kristen graduated from Pleasant Valley High School and plans to attend West Chester University. Her goal is to become a civil rights lawyer.

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