Guy paying bills at work

As a business owner, managing your cash flow can be very time consuming.  With technology, online banking has given business owners more freedom to bank on their own schedules, making it a little easier to find time to manage cash flow.  With First Commonwealth Business Services’ suite of online cash management modules, you could find more time for personal relaxation and less stress on paydays.

You choose the modules that best fit the needs of your company.  Our basic online banking (HomeLink) gives you the ability to transfer funds between accounts, process stop payments, view transactions, and use the bill payer system. 

If you’re looking for even more out of your online banking system, you may be interested in the ACH & Wires* module.  You can pay your vendors or collect payments from customers electronically with this system, including same-day domestic wire transfers.  Plus, if you do payroll onsite, you can direct deposit into your employees’ bank accounts.

For businesses who need to deposit checks, the Remote Deposit Capture* module is a must have. You’ll deposit checks from your desk to your First Commonwealth account without ever coming into a branch, saving time and money.

Your business can have multiple staff members accessing the system, and even determine which part of the service each employee has rights to use. User access is controlled by module, time of day, day of the week, and even by computer IP address.

Business member, Jennifer from AB Steel finds remote deposit capture essential to driving efficiency.

“As a small business owner in the commercial construction space, time is always of the essence.  With remote deposit, my time is never tied up commuting to and from the branch to deposit payments. When payment is received, I am able to deposit directly from the office once or multiple times in a day or week without affecting the other aspects of running a business. The ability to save time and deposit from the office ensures the cash flow will be in the account when I need it. “

If you are interested in learning about additional ways to help manage your business cash flow, contact a First Commonwealth Business Services Officer today.

by: Steven Mertz - First Commonwealth's Vice President Business Services

*Please note: there may be a fee for some of the cash management modules.