Older man and woman entering information on their tablet

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. And here at First Commonwealth, we are doing all we can to help protect  you. Along with following the suggestions below, we have a privacy policy to help ensure that your identity is safe. Each of our employees understands the importance of confidentiality. We only give out information when allowed or required by law.


  • Keep your Social Security card and passport in a safe place. Do not carry them with you unless absolutely necessary.
  • Limit the amount of identifying information, including credit cards, you carry.
  • Shred all financial information, such as unsolicited convenience checks, applications, and bank statements.
  • Do not give out information by phone, unless you initiated the call or know the person.
  • Pay attention to billing cycles and follow up if bills don't arrive on time.
  • Report lost or stolen checks to your financial institution immediately, so payments can be blocked on the check immediately, so payments can be blocked on the check numbers involved.
  • Closely guard your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and online banking password.

To learn more about protecting yourself from identity theft, contact us today.