Now that the holidays are a wrap, there’s no time like the present to start those post-holiday to-dos! Just check out the list below:

USE GIFT CARDS. By law, gift cards can’t expire in less than five years – but there are still good reasons to use them now. There may be non-use fees over time, and there’s also a risk that the company could go out of business, or that you could misplace or forget about the card.

MAKE ANY NECESSARY RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. Try on new clothing items and test new gadgets right away to ensure everything fi ts and works properly. If you need to make a return or exchange, do so right away, as there’s usually an expiration date. (Don’t forget to save and store any gift receipts you received so you can easily locate them if needed.)

DONATE UNWANTED GIFTS. For gifts that you don’t wish to keep (and are unable to return), consider donating them to a charity or shelter. This is also a great time of year to donate gifts from previous holiday seasons that you may have outgrown. Doing so will not only bring you joy, but also clear up space in your bedroom for all your new items!

CHECK YOUR STATEMENTS. Unfortunately, the holiday season is a popular time for fraud. Be especially vigilant when checking your account statements to ensure everything is correct. If you see anything suspicious (like unauthorized charges or withdrawals), tell a trusted adult and contact us right away.

Best wishes from all of us at First Commonwealth for a financially safe and successful 2020!