woman with paper and calculator with winter holiday decorations

Sure, the holidays are still a few months away, but they will creep up on us and be here before we know it!

Planning now will help you manage your spending in the coming months. Here are some tips to save you some cash:

Set a Little Aside Each Week

Set aside just $10 or $20 each week now and you'll have $100 to $200 by early December. That’s a small amount to set aside each week that could equal many gifts in just a few months.

Look for Sales

Start looking for sales on things that your friends and family might like as gifts. Doing this will help you get a jump on all the other holiday shoppers who won’t be snagging all the best bargains until later in the season.

Make Your Gifts

There are few things more thoughtful than homemade gifts, and they often cost much less than store-bought gifts. The possibilities are endless — you could knit scarves or sweaters, make jam out of fresh fruit, create stationery out of photos that you’ve taken, or anything you can imagine. The internet is full of ideas. And your one-of-a-kind homemade gifts will surely be treasured by your recipients!

Prepare for Next Year

At First Commonwealth, we offer Money Market and Club Accounts that make it easy to save for the holidays. Our Money Market Accounts let you earn a higher yield without locking you into a fixed term, while our Club Accounts allow you to easily set up regular deposits that can be deducted from each paycheck.

Remember — planning and budgeting for holiday spending now can save you money later, so consider starting your plan of attack today. When the holiday shopping season rolls around, you’ll be so glad you did!

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Whether your goal is to save for holiday shopping or some other purpose, our workshop will teach you how to create a spending plan so you can save for success. You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one budgeting session with an Associate.

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