Lehighton Architect Drawing Mall Entrance

This spring, our Lehighton Financial Center will be moving to the Carbon Plaza Mall on Route 443 in Mahoning Township! Like our new Bethlehem and Northwood Financial Centers, the new and improved Lehighton Financial Center will feature a clean, modern interior and convenient drive-up; along with numerous new features to enhance YOUR member experience, including:

YOUR Lehighton team is excited to continue to serve you in our new location this SPRING! While you’ll see lots of new features in the new Lehighton Financial Center, you’ll see the same friendly faces at our new location. Obinna, Rhonda, Shelley, Ashley, Tara and Jackie look forward to showing you around!

Thanks to video conferencing, members can now experience “walk in” appointments at our Financial Centers with small business, mortgage, retirement, and investment advisers. (It’s no longer necessary to travel to our headquarters to meet with these specialists!)

We’re excited to offer extended hours with our new ITMs (Interactive Transaction Machines) with live Video Associates to assist you. Our new ITMs are advanced ATMs with the added benefit of Live Associates to help you with more complex transactions when you need it! You can transfer funds, make loan payments, and more.

Want to meet with an Associate face to face? Visit firstcomcu.org/appointments to set up a meeting at a date, time, and location of your choosing! All of our Associates are certified financial wellness coaches, so you know you’ll be in good hands.

Manage your finances, meet one-on-one with an expert, browse our resources, and spend some time planning your future in our Financial Wellness Center. While you’re there, be sure to treat yourself to a warm cup of coffee. It’s free!

We are thrilled to enhance your member experience with these new offerings. And because our Lehighton Financial Center will be situated in a location many of our members already frequent, we hope it will make it even more convenient for area residents to do business with us.

So remember: Whether you need to start a savings account, apply for your first credit card, save for retirement, buy your first home, start saving for college, create a personal budget, analyze your investment portfolio, or grow your business, our Financial Centers are the place to go for expert guidance from professionals you can trust. We can’t wait to help you belong, grow, and THRIVE!