We want you to have confidence that you can bank virtually anywhere, anytime. With First Commonwealth's digital tools for self-service banking and 24/7 account access, it’s easier and faster to manage your account digitally. In this blog entry, we will be reviewing how to log into your online banking. Setting up your online banking account is fast and easy! 

Let's get started. Follow the steps below to gain access to your online banking.

Step 1: 

Visit www.firstcomcu.org

Step 2: 

In the online banking login box, enter your User ID (your password is entered on a separate page). Initial User ID will be: fc + your account number (fc#######).




Step 3: 

Next, you will your input your password. Your initial password: fc + the last six digits of the primary account owner’s Social Security number (fc######)



Please note that you will need to set up a new password the first time you log into online banking. The minimum length is eight characters. The first character must NOT be the character zero (0). 


For security reasons, you should also change your initial User ID. After logging in, click on the Settings tab and enter a new online banking ID (any alphanumeric combination up to 12 characters). 

Step 4: 

Review the online banking Disclosure and Online Agreement, choose a security image, and set your security questions. 

You are now registered for online banking. You can now quickly and securely: 

  • View Statement
  • Set-Up and Pay Bills
  • Open an Account
  • Check Balance/History
  • Make a Loan Payment
  • Stop a Payment
  • Transfer funds with Non-FCFCU Accounts
  • Order Check
  • and more!

Don't forget to download the app so we can always be there for you!!

Need Help? 

If you have questions during the sign-up or login process, please contact us at 610.821.2403. iI you become locked out of your account you must call our contact center (610.821.2403). Do not share your account information through email.

For other account-related concerns, please log in to online banking and send a secured message.