Rendering of the look of the new financial center's Financial Wellness Center

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union announces all retail team Associates and Managers have completed a nationally-accredited training program and are Certified Financial Wellness Coaches; more than 95 team members or 54% of the organization’s total employees.

This innovative approach to member engagement focused the organization’s executive leadership on investing in and empowering its employees. Prioritizing retail team members working directly with consumers in financial centers and their contact center will directly improve the financial well-being of its members and puts First Commonwealth at the forefront of innovation in the financial services industry. Going to market with a recent “Different … by Design” marketing campaign, the organization is leveraging this approach as a competitive advantage.

The organization’s executive team engaged with a leading nationally-accredited financial wellness education partner to deliver extensive training and certification to all front line team members. The certification program was also open to any First Commonwealth employee interested in developing their skills. In addition to retail teams, all senior leaders and many back-office support team members achieved this prestigious Financial Wellness Coaching Certification through this program.

Team members with the Certified Financial Wellness Coach designation are able to coach members one-on-one in the financial centers and from the contact center (phone, chat, video). These team members will also present educational seminars, courses and workshops as part of First Commonwealth’s free Financial Wellness Program that will launch this summer. The program includes in-center seminars as well as Financial Wellness @Work for employers, @School for educational institutions and Online through their website. First Commonwealth will also host a money camp teaching children and teens how to make and manage money. The youth will learn how to create SMART money goals, develop a spending plan, and the value of giving during these interactive workshops. First Commonwealth’s Financial Wellness Programs are open to members and non-members throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

 Donna LoStocco, president and CEO, explains, “We believe investing in our employees will move our financial wellness initiatives forward at a rapid pace. We’re focused on continual employee development that aligns with our strategic direction and look forward to this innately becoming part of our culture. The more prepared, empowered and passionate our employees are about our financial wellness mission, the more we will help our members and the Lehigh Valley community thrive financially.”