Piggy Bank Wrapped in Christmas Lights


Fun-filled holidays are just around the corner! That means family gatherings, tasty meals, exciting gifts and festive décor. The downside? All those seasonal celebrations cost money – lots of money. This year, help your family spend less by incorporating the ideas below. 



Hosting a holiday meal can be a daunting (and expensive) task. Here’s what you can do to help: cut coupons, take stock of the food items you already have at home, assist your parents by writing out a grocery list and help look for deals while you’re at the store. And if you see a tempting holiday treat while shopping, do your family a favor and try your best to ignore it! 



There’s no denying that holiday lights are fun and festive – but they also use energy, which costs your family money. Consider asking your parents if you can help decorate the house with other festive items, such as garlands, ribbons and ornaments. These types of decorations don’t need to be plugged in, but they still make a big impact! 



If you have a large extended family, make some suggestions on how you can cut down on gift-giving costs. Maybe you could draw names or challenge everyone to give an inexpensive, homemade gift. You could also suggest a spending limit, and then designate a theme for the gifts. It will force people to be creative, while sticking to a budget! 



Want to help keep wrapping paper expenses in check? Ask your parents if they have any leftover wrapping materials from the previous year that you can reuse. You could even make wrapping paper of your own! Just purchase some brown packing paper, get out all your crayons and markers, and decorate the paper with drawings of snowflakes, ornaments or whatever holiday embellishments you’d like. 



Let’s face it – shopping for gifts is tough when you’re not old enough to have a job and earn money. We've brainstormed some gift ideas that don’t require cash


Looking for additional ways to save throughout the holiday season? Consider opening a club account the next time around.