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As any small business owner knows, keeping your business running smoothly requires periodic monitoring, adjusting, tweaking and planning.

Make a point this winter to complete the following tasks so you can prep your business for a profitable year.

Set Goals

It’s hard to motivate yourself to be successful if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re striving for. Make sure you have clear and realistic goals in place – and share your goals with staff members so everyone is on the same page.

Evaluate Your Pricing

Consider whether or not your business would benefit from pricing changes. Recent growth might justify a slight increase in prices, while intense competition may require a slight decrease. Also pay attention to pricing changes from any vendors you work with, which may necessitate pricing modifications on your end.

Delegate Certain Tasks

Entrusting someone else to take over various responsibilities you’ve always handled yourself can be a challenge. But don’t let the minutiae of day-to-day tasks prevent you from putting your energies toward bigger initiatives that could help your business grow. It may mean hiring extra help, but if that allows you to do more profitable things with your time, then the cost will be well worth it.

Assess Your Website

Go through each page of your website to verify that all links, images, etc. are working correctly. Ask yourself: Is the navigation intuitive for first-time visitors? Does the website give an accurate depiction of what my business offers? Does it look professional on different devices? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you may want to consider an entire website redesign.


Chances are you already market your business to some degree, but take your efforts up a notch by exploring new media channels or opportunities. Engage in social media marketing if you haven’t already. Consider starting a business blog or creating videos that highlight your off erings. Also, evaluate your current marketing tactics to determine what’s yielding the best results for your business.

Know When to Let Go

After investing a lot of time, effort and resources into a certain product or business relationship, you may feel compelled to see things through – even if your business isn’t seeing any benefits as a result. Remind yourself that sometimes it’s best to admit when things aren’t working and to put an end to that product, relationship, etc. Moving on will free up your time and energy to focus on the things that are benefiting your bottom line.