Piggy Bank with Sun Glasses

The summer season can be an expensive time of year. Sure, it might not compare to the spending extravaganza that takes place during the winter holidays, but the costs of summer vacations, camps and sports activities can really add up. Need some simple ways to cool down your expenses? Just try out the tips below:


1. Install solar lighting.

There’s no better time to harness the power of the sun than during the sunny summer months! Consider installing solar lights outside to save on your electricity bill.


2. Use fans instead of your air conditioner.

Unless you’re facing sweltering heat, consider turning off the AC and using fans instead. This will help you use less power while still keeping the air circulating.


3. Dry your laundry outside.

Speaking of sweltering heat, why not use it to your advantage? Forego the dryer during the summer months and let your clothes dry outside.


4. Grow a garden.

Plant a garden for fresh fruits and veggies that could last well into the fall and winter. (You’ll not only save money, but also benefit from superior-tasting produce!)


5. Cut the cable.

Give your family another reason to go outside by eliminating your cable. With all the fun outdoor activities taking place during the summer, your family probably won’t even miss it.


6. Bike to work.

Enjoy the nice weather and save money on gas by biking to work. You may even be able to cancel your gym membership with all the exercise you’ll be getting each workday!


7. Close the curtains.

If sunlight is streaming in through the windows, it’s likely increasing the temperature of your home. Keep your blinds and curtains closed as much as possible to help keep the air cool.


8. Cook outside.

Sunlight isn’t the only thing that can contribute to high interior temperatures. Stove and cooktop usage can also cause your home to heat up. Offset this problem by opting to grill your food outdoors instead.