Easy Ways to Save at Musikfest

Musikfest in Bethlehem PA. is the ten-day event that kicks off every August with a bevy of star-studded performances and over 300 free concerts. Since 1984, Musikfest has entertained millions of people in the Greater Lehigh Valley, and since 1959, we’ve been helping people in the Valley save millions.

So whether it’s your first time rocking out or you’re a fest vet, you can rock out at Musikfest without rocking your bank account.

Take Advantage of Bussing During Peak Times

If this is your first Musikfest, take advantage of the dedicated shuttle system for visitors offering round-trip rides from the satellite parking lot to the fest. We recommend the shuttle system on the busiest days of the fest, opening and closing days, as well as on weekends. Shuttles are $5 round trip per adult.

If you are going as a group, especially during non-peak times, you can save by parking at one of the parking lots on the North or South side of Bethlehem. Towards the tail end of the Festival, especially on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, you are more likely to find parking in one of these lots.

Buy a Mug

If you plan on drinking responsibly, then buy a Musikfest Mug. For first-time visitors, these can appear similar to those massive one-time refillable popcorn containers you get at a premium price at the movie theater. But no! Not only does the Mug hold more beer than a plastic cup, it can be reused year after year at MusikFest. While many revel in their extensive Musikfest Mug Collection, for the more casual fest-goer, one mug is all you’ll need. Better yet, a majority of the bars in the North or South Side offer mug fills.

Bring Cash and Set a Budget

In 2021, MusikFest switched from paper tickets for drinks and food to accepting cash and credit and debit cards. The much-needed convenience also made it easy to lose track of your spending. You can mitigate this by creating a fest budget and bringing cash. By primarily relying on cash, you will have a visual of how much you have spent. With a card, it's easy to swipe and forget. If you plan on getting cash out, we suggest doing so outside of Musikfest at a surcharge free ATM. The fee imposed at festival ATMs, especially if you or your party plans on making several transactions, can quickly add up.

Check Social Media for Tickets

Looking to attend one of the paid headliner shows at the Steelstacks during MusikFest? First things first, avoid buying tickets from scalpers, as shows during MusikFest rarely sell out. But buying third party can be a great deal if you’re looking for some last-minute entertainment and are sometimes sold at a discount. Either the seller can no longer attend the show, or bought tickets for friends that bailed last minute and are looking to recoup some of their costs. As always, beware of scammers on social media. 

Enjoy Free Music!

Our last tip is simply HAVE FUN. In terms of entertainment, Musikfest offers maximum value for the cost! Where else in the world can you enjoy an entire city transformed by music? So spend responsibly and enjoy GREAT MUSIC!