kids with shopping bags in a mall

Do you like going shopping for new clothes and shoes?

It’s understandable if you do, especially when you want to look and feel your best for a new school year. Buying new clothes constantly, however, can really start to burn a hole in your savings account. With a few smart tools in your back pocket, being financially responsible when it comes to clothes is a breeze.

Buy for Quality, Not Quantity

It might seem silly to opt for the more expensive option when it comes to clothing and shoes, but buying a better-quality product usually means it will last longer. In the long run, you’ll be saving money by not making a repeat purchase because something ripped or looks too worn. However, if you’re growing and changing shoe and clothing sizes every year, buying a high quality product might not be worth it.

Timing is Everything

Sometimes you can get a better deal on something depending on the season, month or even day of the week. January and August are the best months to stock up on clothes, if you need to. Thursday is actually the best day of the week to catch something on sale. As a rule, buying off-season clothing is more affordable than purchasing what’s trendy right now. For example, if you know that your winter coat will only last one more year, start looking for a new one when stores start advertising for spring clothing.

Out With the Old

As the seasons change and you grow into new clothes, it’s easy to leave your old clothes sitting in your closet and drawers. If you have clothes that don’t fit or that you just don’t wear anymore, you should clear them out and free some space. What should you do with those old clothes? Well, you could sell your clothes and make some extra money. Have your parents help you upload pictures of your clothing to an online marketplace, or take them into a resale shop that pays you a percentage of their selling price. You could also donate your clothes to a store like Goodwill or hand them down to a younger sibling or relative that would appreciate them.