Use Mobile Pay

As we get closer to Spring, we start thinking more about longer days and warm weather and tend to stop thinking about Flu Season. But flu season can last through late April into early May(1). And with recent news, it’s even more important to remember to wash your hands regularly and avoid going out when you aren’t feeling well.

We’ve compiled five additional ways to help you stay healthy and avoid spreading germs you may not have thought of, below:

  1. Use Mobile Pay instead of cash
    Cash can be touched by hundreds of people in a matter of hours and germs can linger on surfaces for days.(2)  

  2. Pay at the pump.
    You can avoid being close to people and other contacts. Use a Clorox wipe to disinfect the pump handle and make sure to wash your hands afterward.

  3. Set up automatic bill payments.
    Many people go to the store to pay their store credit cards or stop by the post office to mail their bills. By using online bill pay to make your payments, you can avoid the crowds and have a better chance of staying healthy Bonus: You won’t be tempted to make purchases when you are in the store, giving your budget a little boost.

  4. Use your debit or credit card to make online purchases for delivery.
    Not only does ordering your groceries online help you stick to your spending plan, but again, less contact with potentially sick people.

  5. Deposit checks using our mobile check deposit feature in the online banking app.
    And make sure to wipe down your cell phone or mobile device with Clorox wipes frequently. Much like pens, these are major germ collectors.

You can view additional prevention tips from the CDC.


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(2) Southern Medical Journal Report, 2002