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Celebrate the new year by getting serious about your financial future! Give a few of these ideas a try...

  1. Set a savings goal.
  2. Stash away all spare change in a jar or piggy bank.
  3. Visit the credit union.
  4. Open or make a deposit in your First Commonwealth account.
  5. Keep track of all your spending in a notebook.
  6. Help your parents cut coupons.
  7. Trade toys with a friend instead of purchasing new ones.
  8. Give something to charity.
  9. Learn how to count coins.
  10. Brainstorm ways to have fun for free.
  11. Start a challenge with a friend to see who can go the longest without spending.
  12. Pay attention to prices when shopping with your parents.
  13. Create a plan to save up for an item you really want.
  14. Sell lemonade or hot chocolate to earn your own cash.
  15. Help plan your birthday party on a budget.
  16. Round up your most recent purchases and ask yourself: Were they worth the money?
  17. Have a discussion with your family about “wants” versus “needs.”
  18. Hand the money to the cashier when you make a purchase.
  19. Ask your parents and grandparents for their best piece of financial advice.