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eLearning Courses

These e-courses are designed to expand your financial knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Budget Basics

Budget Basic will teach you how to start a budget, how to maintain your budget and how to integrate your plans into your financial landscape.

Budget Checkup

See if you have the ins and outs of maintaining a budget covered.  This E-Course will help you toward financial success.

Understanding Credit Scores

One of the keys to having a good credit score, is understanding how your credit score works.  Learn all about your credit score in this interactive E-Learning course

Understanding Credit Reports

Do you know how to read your credit report?  This e-course will help you interpret your credit report so it can be a useful tool to help stay on track.

Financial Education Articles

Financial education articles on multiple topics that affect your fiscal wellbeing.

Financial Games

Give your financial knowledge a workout with these financial games.

 Beware of Spyware

Beware of Spyware

Don't let spyware sneak onto your computer and give others a peek at information you enter online.

Money $marts

Money $marts

Can you guess how much the contestants know about money, pop culture, and student loans?

Invest Quest

Invest Quest

Think you're making your money work for you in the most efficient way? Test your investment IQ in this game to see if you have what it takes.

ID Theft Faceoff

ID Theft Faceoff

Your identity has been stolen! What do you do? Normally, regaining your identity once it has been compromised can take years and several thousand dollars.

Credit Card Simulator

Credit Card Simulator

This credit card game is a great and fun tool to teach you how not to spend money on unnecessary expenses.

Financial Football

Financial Football

Increase your financial IQ while QB-ing your favorite NFL team down the field. 

Financial Videos

Check out these short, informative videos on a wide range of financial topics. 

Building a Savings

Build Your Savings

Facebook Live Q&A about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and making a savings plan.

Using Credit Wisely

How to Use Credit Wisely

Learn ways to use your credit wisely and the differenece between good debt vs bad debt. 

Managing Your Credit Card

Managing Your Credit Cards

Learn how to get the most out of your credit cards an see what good practice looks like.

Credit Reports

Credit Reports

What is a credit score and why is it important? Why should you review your credit report? Learn more about credit reports and how they impact you.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft

How can thieves get your information? How can you protect yourself? You won’t want to miss this information on identity theft.

Managing a Checking Account

Managing Your Money

Learn more about managing a checking account.

Managing Debtg

Managing Debt

Some debt is normal, in fact necessary, for normal financial functioning. But when does it become too much?

Student Loan Debt Management

Student Loan Debt Management

Learn strategies on how you can tackle your student loan repayment. 


What might it take to save one million dollars?

Helps you determine the best distribution of your credit card debt.

Helps you determine if debt consolidation is right for you.

Look at a variety of loans.  Change your monthly payment, loan amount, interest rate or term.

Determine the home equity line of credit amount you may qualify to receive.

Helps you determine which balance transfers will produce the greatest savings.


Auto Forms

Private Vehicle Purchase Form - When you are purchasing a vehicle from a private seller (not a dealer), you will need to have the information on this form.

Personal Loans & Lines of Credit Forms

Request a limit increase for your line of credit 

Request to change or close  Personal Line of Credit

Overdraft protection setup form