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In the new Digital Banking system, Internet Explorer will NOT be supported.
We recommend updating now to the most up-to-date versions of Chrome, FireFox or Edge. 

Move Money


Move Money and Payment Menu

In the new digital banking experience, transfers and payments will be conducted on separate pages. Any future-dated transfers or payments you have set-up will continue to happen after the upgrade. Future-dated and recurring transfers and payments will now happen in the morning instead of at night.

You will be able to view, edit and cancel any deposit account transfers in the new digital banking experience. You will NOT be able to view any future-dated payments you have set-up. In order to be able to view, edit or cancel these in the new system, you MUST contact us. To avoid a double payment, do not set up the payment in the new digital banking until you contact us.

Transferring Money Between Your Deposit Accounts

Select Move Money > Make a Transfer
You will also select this option to advance money from your lines of credit and credit cards.

Move Money Make a Transfer

Move Money Make a Payment Menu

Making Payments to Your First Commonwealth Loans

Select Payments > Make a Payment
This includes all loans, lines of credit, credit cards and mortgages.

Transferring Money to Another Member’s Account

 Move Money > Pay an FCFCU Member

If you currently have the ability to put money into another member’s account, you may need to set this back up. For example, if you put money into your child’s account, but you are not a joint owner, you will need to add the account under Move Money > Pay an FCFCU Member. If you currently are a joint owner on your child’s account, you will see that account in your digital banking.

Move Money Make a Transfer

Pay Other People

Allows you to send funds using your FCFCU debit card(s) to another individual without having to share account information.

making a payment using a smart phone

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