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In the new Digital Banking system, Internet Explorer will NOT be supported.
We recommend updating now to the most up-to-date versions of Chrome, FireFox or Edge. 



As a member who is enrolled in our online bill payment service, we want to make sure you are aware of upcoming changes. The upgrade will result in enhanced and streamlined service for all digital banking users. All of your payee information (creditor, address, account number info, etc.) WILL be carried over into the new digital banking. You will not need to set these up again. Your bill pay experience will remain similar, but there are a few important changes that we have outlined below. 

Unique Login Change

In the new system, every member will have their own unique login. All of the accounts you have access to will display within your new experience. It is important that if you share an account with another person, that you each have your own logins.

Primary Owners with One Bill Pay Account

Your entire Bill Pay account will transfer over into the new system. If you have more than one checking account you can add additional pay from checking accounts. View instructions.

Joint Owners

If you are a Joint Owner and typically use your current bill pay account to make payments, you will need to contact us once you have registered in the new system, after the upgrade, so we can manually move the bill pay account to the correct login.

Primary Owners with More than One Bill Pay Account

Identify the bill pay account you wish to keep and complete this form, letting us know which one you chose.
Add the payees from your other bill pay account into the account you wish to keep
Add your other First Commonwealth FCU Checking Account as a pay from account

If you are currently the Primary Owner on both accounts that you access bill pay from, you may begin using this feature now. Follow the steps below:

Step 1

Navigate to Bill Pay, Select My Account, then Select Add Account

Add another checking account in bill pay

Step 2

Add your other First Commonwealth FCU Checking Accounts
*Use the full MICR number located at the bottom of your checks*

add a pay from accout step 2

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