Digital Banking General Questions

General Questions

Will I still be able to access my old online banking account?
No. Online banking will be fully replaced with our new digital banking experience. You will need to delete any old bookmarks as they will no longer work. Between August 17 and 19, there will be no access to online banking, mobile banking or bill pay during this time.

Will I still have access to the My HomeLink page?
Users will no longer have a separate home page with widgets, but the new digital banking experience will include quick link menu options.

Will I still be able to customize what I see/my accounts when I login?
The new digital banking experience will allow users to reorder, view/hide, and nickname accounts.

Login Questions

Will I use the same login?

  • Primary Account Owners will have the opportunity to keep the same login or change it at the time of enrollment.
  • Joint Account Owners will need to create a new Login ID.

It is highly recommended that once you login, you change your Login ID.

Will I use the same password?
Users will need to create a password at the time of enrollment. You can use your current HomeLink password as long as it meets the requirements of the new system or enter a new one.

Will I need to share my login with my joint account-holder?
No. In the new system, you will each have your own unique Login ID and Password. This means you will be able to see all of your accounts with one login.

What if I am a Primary Owner on more than one account?
You will only need to choose one of your accounts to log in to. If you use Bill Pay on one of those accounts, you should choose that account to log in to. If you have more than one Bill Pay Account, please refer to the Bill Pay questions section.

What if I am a Primary Owner on one account and Joint Owner on another?
You will log in to the account on which you are a Primary Owner. You will then be able to view all of your accounts. If you need access to Bill Pay from an account on which you are not a Primary Owner, please refer to the Bill Pay questions section.

What if I am not a Primary Owner on any account, only a Joint Owner?
You will need to enroll as a New User. Please make sure all of your contact information (email and phone number) is up to date on your account. You can do this by logging into your current account and sending us a secure message.

How do I know if I am a Primary Owner or a Joint Owner?
Log in to your current online banking account. The person whose name appears at the top of the account listing is the Primary Owner. If you have more than one account log in to each of them to identify whether you are primary on any account.

Transfer & Payment Questions

In the new system, payments and transfers will be on different menus. You will NOT be able to use the transfers menu to make a payment to an FCFCU loan.

How will I transfer money and make payments with the new system?
To make transfers, you’ll click on Move Money > Make a Transfer. You will also select this option to advance money from your lines of credit and credit cards.

To make payments to any First Commonwealth loan, you’ll click Payments > Make a Payment.

Will I still be able to make transfers to another member?
Yes. If you currently have the ability to put money into another member’s account, you may need to set this backup. For example, if you put money into your child’s account, but you are not a joint owner, you will need to add the account under Move Money > Pay an FCFCU Member. If you currently are a joint owner on your child’s account, you will see that account in your digital banking.

Will any transfers I set up be moved to the new system?
Funds Transfers between deposit accounts (savings, checkings and money markets) will be moved into our new system. You will be able to edit, change, and delete these yourself. Any future-dated transfers for August 14-20 MUST BE SCHEDULED BY August 13. Please review the next question for any transfers set up to loan accounts.

Will any payments I set up be transferred to the new system?
Your loan payment transfers will remain scheduled so you do not need to set them up again. However, you will not be able to view or edit this payment transfer in Digital Banking. Any future-dated payments for August 14-20 MUST BE SCHEDULED BY August 13.

Note: If you create the same transfer in the new system, your payment will be made twice. If you would like to be able to modify or delete loan payment transfers you will need to contact us to avoid duplicate payments.

I currently have access to other member's accounts to make transfers or view the account activity. Will I still have access to these in the future?
If your name is on the account as a primary or joint owner, you will now have access to these accounts using one login.

If you are not a primary or joint owner on the account, you will need to set these back up in the new digital banking experience. For example, your family member has an account and you regularly transfer money to them, but you are not on their account.

What time will my FCFCU transfers and loan payments happen?
Future-dated and recurring transfers and payments will now happen in the morning instead of at night.

Bill Pay Questions

Will my payees transfer to the new system?
All of your payee information (creditor, address, account number info, etc.) WILL be carried over into the new digital banking. You will not need to set these up again.

I have more than one bill pay account. Will I still have access to both?
No. After the conversion, you will only have access to one of your bill pay accounts. 

I am a Joint Owner, but I pay all of our bills. Will I still have access to our Bill Pay account?
Initially, you will not have access, but the account can be transferred from the Primary Owner to the Joint Owner. You will need to contact us. 

Mobile Check Deposit Questions

Will I still be able to deposit checks in the new app?
Yes, but you will need to re-enroll. To do so, select Settings, then Mobile Deposit Enrollment. Accept the Terms & Conditions. Once you log out and log back in, you will immediately begin seeing the Deposit a Check option in the Menu.

External Account Questions

Will I still be able to see the external accounts I have set up to make transfers or will I need to set them back up?
These accounts will transfer to the Primary Account Owner's new experience. If you are a Joint Owner on an account, you will need to set these up in the new system.

Security Questions

Will the new system use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)?
Our new digital banking experience will have enhanced security features, including device and browser registration, Secure Access Code (SAC) delivery, inactivity time-outs, 4-digit PIN and fingerprint login, and security alerts.

If I forget to logout, how long will it take before my session automatically times out?
Your session will time out after ten (10) minutes of inactivity. There is a maximum session time of one (1) hour.

Alert Questions

Will my alerts carry over into the new system?
Your alerts will not carry over. You will need to set up any alerts in the new system.

Device Questions

Can I use Internet Explorer?
Internet Explorer will NOT be supported. We recommend the most up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. If you are experiencing issues using the new system and are using Internet Explorer, please try logging in using another supported browser.

What devices will be supported when using the App?
Android Compatibility Requirements: Android 5.X and newer 
iOS Compatibility Requirements: iOS 11.X (limited support), iOS12.X, iOS 13.X


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