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Get To Your Next Destination with a
Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit.

Millions of Americans have been living with a travel agent, and none of them realize it. No, it doesn’t have two arms, two legs, and two eyes. It’s your home! That’s because your home’s equity can get you wherever you’re going in life.


as low as


as low as
6.74% APR2

Looking for Fixed Rates?

A Home Equity Loan disburses all funds up front, with fixed rate payments over the life of the loan. Ideal for one-time events such as a dream vacation or inground pool.

Equity Loan Vs. HELOC

FCFCU has solutions to work with your budget. Not sure what is best for you? We can help!

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Looking to Fund
Recurring Expenses?

A HELOC allows funds to be drawn as needed over the life of the loan, with payment amounts that may vary based on usage. Ideal for recurring expenses like college tuition, or as a “safety net” for the unexpected.



1. APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rates and maximum loan amount vary based on Loan To Value (LTV), lien position and term. Rate shown reflects 5-year term, LTV up to 80% LTV with 1st Lien Position. Your rate may vary based on an evaluation of your credit. See all rate details here.


2. APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rate shown is for 1-Year-Fixed-Rate Introductory Period with Loan To Value (LTV) up to 80%. The rate for this loan type after the introductory period is variable and based on the applicant’s credit score at time of application. Max loan amount of $500,000 for 1st liens up to 80% LTV; $150,000 for 2nd liens with LTV up to 80%. The minimum interest rate for a Home Equity Line of Credit is the Prime Rate plus a margin with a minimum floor of 7.00% APR and a maximum ceiling of 15% APR. See all rate details here.