Free Employee Benefit

One of the Most Successful Investments In Your Company Won’t Cost You a Dime

Whether your business is big or small, showing your employees how much the company appreciates and values them can go a long way. When you find ways to help them grow personally and financially, it feels more like a family, not a bunch of numbers at the time clock. With new benefits hard to come by, joining First Commonwealth as an Employer Partner is one of the most important and lasting perks you can add to your company’s benefits package – and there’s no impact on the bottom line!

Businesses in our field of membership spend nothing to join, but the payoffs are HUGE! Employees and their families gain a lifetime financial partner and enjoy exclusive opportunities to earn higher-than-average dividends on their savings and investments, and pay lower interest rates on loans and credit cards. First Commonwealth has some of the most advanced, secure technology for virtual banking and a full suite of products and services to rival any financial institution in our area. We handle it all so you can sit back and take care of business without having to worry about a thing.

Through a Simple, NO-COST Partnership, We Offer Your Employees:

  • FREE virtual or on-site Lunch & Learn seminars on a wide variety of financial topics, such as budgeting, credit, identity theft, and retirement planning.
  • Our financial counseling and education program is a FREE money management service, assisting with debt management and credit report reviews.
  • Access to our special discounted TicketsatWork program.
  • Personalized landing page for credit union information and incentives.
  • Exclusive access to lower loan and refinancing rates, along with earning competitive dividends and higher yields than most competitors offer.

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Lisa Deutsch
Vice President, Corporate & Community Development