Business Fee Schedule

Table data for Business Fees
Fee Amount Alert Me
Account Activity Printout $5
Account Balancing Assistance - Per Hour $20
Account Research - Per Hour $20
ACH Origination per agreement
Bill Payer Research - Per Item $18
Cashiers Check $7
Check Printing (fee depends on check style ordered) Market
Collection Item (outgoing) $100
Copy of Check (up to 12 months) $3
Copy of Check (older than 12 months) $5
Deposited Checks & Other Items Returned Unpaid $15
Disposable Night Depository Per Bag Fee (minimum quantity - 50 count) $0.50
Dormant Account Monthly Fee $5
Early Account Closure (within 90 days of opening) $20
Digital Banking with Cash Management $10/month
Digital Banking with Cash Management and 1 module1 $25/month
Digital Banking with Cash Management and 2 modules1 $40/month
Digital Banking with Cash Management and 3 modules1 $55/month
Escheatment Processing $50
Excessive ATM PIN Based Debits $1
Failing to Update Your Address $5
IRS Levy/Garnishm up to $250
Locator Service $10
Mailing a Certificate Dividend Check $2
Minimum Balance Fee (Advantage I, minimum balance $1,000) $12.50
Minimum Balance Fee (Advantage II, minimum balance $2,500) $20
Money Order $4
Night Drop Bags Market Price
Night Drop Key Replacement $25
Non-Sufficient Funds & Other Returned Items (each) $33
Per Cleared Item Fee $0.15
Per Deposited Item Fee $0.25
RDC Multi-Check Scanner at cost
Replacing a Plastic Card $10
Rolled Coin (Processed) Fee - Substantial Quantity $10
Rolled Coin (Purchased) Fee Per Roll $0.05
Stop Payment for ACH $25
Stop Payment for Check $22
Stop Payment (Series of Checks) $27
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $10
Wire Transfer (Outgoing - Domestic) $25
Wrapped Cash (Purchased) Fee Per Pack $0.10
  • 1Additional modules include ACH, wire transfers and RDC (Remote Deposit Capture).