Independence Day

All First Commonwealth Offices will be CLOSED on Monday, July 4th, in observation of the holiday.
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Security Tips


    Who Is Calling Me…And Why?

    2020-09-02 | Security Tips

    Telephone scams are not new – but new tactics and ever-changing technology mean thousands of people fall victim every year.


    Storing Your Important Documents

    2020-03-17 | Security Tips

    Take the guesswork out of filing and organize your important records with simple tips.


    Protect Yourself from Identity Thieves

    2017-07-03 | Security Tips

    Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. And here at First Commonwealth, we are doing all we can to help protect you.


    Seven Ways to Protect Your Accounts from Hackers

    2016-09-30 | Security Tips

    Your mobile phone and tablet may be targeted by cyber thieves to gain access to your apps and your personal information. With every upgrade, there are people trying to find ways around the latest technology. At First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union, we employ a security system that safeguards your money.


    Help Your Parents Avoid Fraud and Scams

    2015-05-06 | Security Tips

    The largest population of victims is senior citizens. I realized how vulnerable my parents and in-laws are to these scams and frauds that are primarily orchestrated on the internet, but also on the phone and by mail.