Independence Day

All First Commonwealth Offices will be CLOSED on Monday, July 4th, in observation of the holiday.
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Kids’ Financial Education


    Financial Terms For Teens to Know

    2022-01-20 | Kids Finances

    When you’re dealing with your financial wellness it is important to understand the terminology that you will be dealing with. Understanding financial terms is an important part of learning how to be smart with your money.


    National Coloring Day 2021

    2021-07-27 | Kids Finances

    Do your kids know their nickels from their pennies? What about their quarters from their dimes? Here's a fun way to teach your kids about the pocket change we use every day in celebration of National Coloring Day.

  • Spend Less on Your Summer Travels

    2021-05-06 | Kids Finances

    Are you gearing up for a summer vacation with your family? There’s no doubt that a family vacation can be lots of fun, but it can also cost a lot of money. If you want to help your family save cash while you travel, try to incorporate these tips and tricks into summer adventure!


    Tips & Tricks for a Low-Cost Halloween Costume

    2020-09-25 | Kids Finances

    Halloween can be full of fun activities – dressing up, spending time with your friends and trick-or-treating around your neighborhood.

  • Money Magic: Coloring Page

    2020-04-03 | Kids Finances

    “Money Magic! Share, Spend and Save at Your Credit Union” is the official theme for this year's National Credit Union Youth Month. We’re celebrating the occasion at First Commonwealth by encouraging kids to develop healthy saving habits by making savings fun and exciting.  


    New Money Puzzles!

    2020-02-14 | Kids Finances

    Kids - check out these scenarios and try to determine which options give you the better deal!



    2019-12-27 | Kids Finances

    Now that the holidays are a wrap, there’s no time like the present to start those post-holiday to-dos!


    Help Your Family Spend Less This Holiday Season

    2019-09-16 | Kids Finances

    All of our annual seasonal celebrations cost money – lots of money. This year, help your family spend less by incorporating these ideas into your holiday budget plan. 

  • Financial Word Scramble for Kids

    2019-06-25 | Kids Finances

    Looking for a fun activity to put your smarts to the test? Check out the financial puzzle below! First, read the clues. Then look at the scrambled letters and write your answers in the blank spaces. If you need a little help, ask a parent or older sibling for assistance.


    Bring the Future into Focus

    2019-04-03 | Kids Finances

    Luckily, there are some basic financial principles you can implement now to make life easier later. Just follow these tips!


    Getting Your First Credit Card: The Dos and Don’ts

    2019-01-03 | Kids Finances

    Ready to make the big leap into the land of credit?


    Make Finances Fun

    2019-01-03 | Kids Finances

    Have fun with your friends while learning some important money lessons.


    The Lowdown on Loans

    2018-06-26 | Kids Finances

    Learn the basics about borrowing so you can be prepared when you need to take out a loan down the road


    Tips & Tricks to Save Money at College

    2018-06-24 | Kids Finances

    There are ways to save, and it’s always smart to plan ahead.