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Family Finances


    Dinosaur Savings Jokes and Puns

    2021-04-02 | Family Finances

    Get your children excited to learn about how to be "Be a Credit Union Saver and Your Savings Will Never Go Extinct" with these dinosaur savings jokes and puns. 

  • Whip Your Finances Into Shape

    2021-02-04 | Family Finances

    The new year is here – making it a great time to strengthen your savings and boost your bottom line! Just try out the exercises below, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving financial fitness.  


    New Money Puzzles!

    2020-02-14 | Family Finances

    Kids - check out these scenarios and try to determine which options give you the better deal!



    2019-12-27 | Family Finances

    Now that the holidays are a wrap, there’s no time like the present to start those post-holiday to-dos!


    Help Your Family Spend Less This Holiday Season

    2019-09-16 | Family Finances

    All of our annual seasonal celebrations cost money – lots of money. This year, help your family spend less by incorporating these ideas into your holiday budget plan. 


    Reducing Home Heating and Cooling Costs

    2017-09-19 | Family Finances

    Heating the house in the winter and cooling it in the summer can result in high utility bills, which certainly puts a strain on your budget. There are a few things you can do in order to cut back on heating and cooling costs. Brought to you by GreenPath.


    Money Smarts: Preparing for College

    2017-06-30 | Family Finances

    Use our checklist to make sure your student is financially prepared for college.


    The High-Rate Retail Credit Card Trap

    2017-03-08 | Family Finances

    What items should you consider when moving high-rate credit card debt.


    What If I Don't Have Loose Change to Save?

    2017-02-07 | Family Finances

    Just because many of us don’t use cash, this doesn’t rule out some great, easy ways to save. 


    Save Time and Money This School Year

    2016-09-19 | Family Finances

    Use these tips to help you save money and organize your family during the school year.


    Join the Revolution

    2016-08-22 | Family Finances

    The big topic of discussion among the community where I live has been the merger of the local bank with a larger national bank. Find out how we can help your family and friends.


    Summer Vacation Is a Great Time for Money Lessons

    2016-07-07 | Family Finances

    Make the most of the time you are spending with your children, it’s a perfect time to start or continue your child’s financial education.


    How to Do Allowances Right

    2016-04-07 | Family Finances

    We have many resources to help you teach your children good money management and the importance of saving.


    To Shred or Not to Shred

    2016-02-04 | Family Finances

    Learn more about what documents you can shred and how shredding will reduce your risk for identity theft.


    What Does a Rising Rate Economy Mean to You?

    2016-01-07 | Family Finances

    How a rising rate economy may affect your finances.


    Buy, Eat & Bank Local

    2015-10-09 | Family Finances

    We can all help  build our community and strengthen our local economy.


    Fund the Experiences and Dreams on Your Bucket List

    2015-09-11 | Family Finances

    If you need help financing the the items on your bucket list First Commonwealth can help you secure a low-interest loan.   You choose which loan is best for your life - a manageable payment that won't take a long time to pay back.


    Help Your Student Save Money & Stay Safe as They Head Off to College

    2015-07-07 | Family Finances

    Does your child know the impact financial decisions will have on their financial future?


    Plan a Staycation in the Lehigh Valley

    2015-06-04 | Family Finances

    You don’t need to travel far to find great summer vacation attractions and activities. Take advantage of the amazing venues you have in your backyard.


    Should Your Teen Open a Checking Account?

    2015-04-10 | Family Finances

    Your teen will need all the resources and good advice they can find throughout their lives to make informed and intelligent money decisions.  First Commonwealth makes it easy to set up your teen’s checking account. There are many great resources to help you and your teen discuss the responsibilities of a checking account and how to manage money.