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Bank by Text

On the go, in a hurry and need to check your account balance?

Text (SMS) Banking allows you to quickly request and receive balance and transaction information. You can register your device in HomeLink:

  • Settings
  • Mobile Settings
  • Text Mobile Settings

Once you have registered your device, you will use 89549 as the telephone number and a series of commands to request information. You will set up Mobile Short Names for each of the accounts you want to be able to access this way. For example, the command Bal Chk sent to 89549 will return the balances of your account with the Mobile Short Name of Chk. The command Bal will return the balance for all of the accounts you have set up for text banking. 

Below is a list of commands and a description of what they do.

  • Bal=All Acct Bal
  • Bal [Acct Name]=Single Acct Bal
  • Hist=All Accts Recent Activity
  • Hist [Acct Name]=Single Acct Activity
  • Help=Commands
  • Stop=Cancel Text Banking


  • Make sure you password protect your phone to help prevent unauthorized access to your accounts
  • Delete text messages after you send and receive your account information

While First Commonwealth text banking is a free service, standard text messaging/data fees may apply. Check the details of your cell phone plan for more details.