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As any small business owner knows, managing cash flow isn’t always a straightforward process. In fact, without the help of modern-day financial tools, trying to stay on top of a business’s incoming and outgoing funds can be nothing short of a headache. Fortunately, the advent of online solutions has allowed business owners to streamline cash management and better understand where their money is going, how to streamline processes and what can be done to mitigate collection and payout lag times.


If you’re new to online cash management solutions, consider giving the following tools a try – all of which are available through First Commonwealth’s HomeLink Business online banking services*:


Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transactions

ACH transactions allow you to electronically collect payments from your customers by directly debiting their checking or savings accounts. You can also make payments to your vendors, employees or customers. What’s the benefit? It’s less costly than processing checks and credit cards, and you’ll receive the payments faster and more reliably – saving you time and money on payroll and accounts payable.


Wire Transfers

This solution allows you to send funds domestically to accounts at different financial institutions – making it easy and convenient to transfer money in an instant. 


Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

With a supported high-speed/high-volume scanner, you can deposit multiple checks from your home or office. This tool adds convenience and time savings, as you won’t have to come into a financial center to deposit checks. You choose whether to have one employee or multiple employees enabled to make deposits for your business. Plus, enjoy detailed reporting capabilities.


e-Payer Business Bill Pay

Make payments online from your business account. You can schedule payments in advance and even set up payments for recurring expenses like rent, lease and payroll.


Along with these tools, HomeLink Business online banking also enables you to view check images and monthly statements – providing you with at-a-glance information regarding your accounts and cash flow. For further insights, you can export your files to financial software such as Quicken® and QuickBooks®.


To top it all off, HomeLink Business online banking features security measures and firewalls, and you can choose to receive account and security alerts – giving you the knowledge you need to take immediate action in protecting your accounts.


*Fees may apply for some services.